Centre of Excellence for Research on Environment, Health and Aging



CEREHA - Centre of Excellence for Research on Environment, Health and Aging is structured to be an inter- and multidisciplinary centre led by MIGAL. This project is the most important research initiative of the Galilee region in Northern Israel. The main objective of CEREHA is to become internationally known research institute, which is capable of initiating and performing excellent interrelated studies in environment, health and aging.


CEREHA will study the aging phenomena employing biological, medical, environmental, epidemiological and social perspectives. Such research requires the creation of a unifying umbrella that will bridge across the inherent fragmentation in science and aggregate the research efforts, especially in human potential across the whole Mediterranean region. The project is encompasses of 6 research institutions, including public and private sectors from Denmark, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway and USA. The work-plan is divided into 8 WPs, including Management and Ex Post Evaluation. The other WPs are constructed to pave the way to excellence and include secondments from and to partners, upgrade of existing experimental and research facilities, cycles of seminars and international contacts with other research and business organizations, and finally activities geared towards a regional dimension, in view of sparking competitiveness dynamic in the Galilee. The dissemination activities are also directed to raise complementary funds by the Israeli government.

Expected impact

CEREHA will create a high quality and high visibility Centre, which will encompass research on health and environment in relation to aging. This Centre, will strive to get input from several other Centers of Excellence in Europe and in the US. This knowledge exchange will be formulated and transformed into meetings, symposia, and workshops that undoubtedly will have a significant and lasting impact on the aging population in the Galilee and beyond. These activities are inherent part of CEREHA's long-term strategy to raise the research and Innovation profile of the Galilee - Israel’s peripheral region.