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The BARUCH PADEH Medical Center, Poriya

  • The BARUCH PADEH Medical center, Poriya is a Government Hospital, affiliated with the Bar-Ilan's faculty of medicine in the Galilee.
  • The hospital Serves the population of Tiberias, the Golan Heights, Jordan Valley, and Lower Galilee.
  • This regional and unique hospital provides almost every branch of medical services, to the exclusion of thoracic surgery and neurosurgery. In the field of oral and maxillofacial surgery the center serves as an ultra-regional hospital.
  • The hospital includes department of Rehabilitative Geriatrics. The Division is directed by Amitai Oberman MD. The Department is charged with rehabilitating elderly patients following acute events that disrupt their functionality and capacity of serving themselves. The rehabilitation process aims to restore the patient's functioning in their natural habitat as much as possible. The Department's staff is composed of doctors specializing in internal and geriatric medicine, nurses with academic and clinical experience with treating complex patients in general, and elderly patients in particular. The department also includes a physiotherapy team, an occupational therapy team, and a speech therapist who maintains rich and diverse experience with treating elderly populations - as well as a nutritionist, social worker and trained, experienced attendants to the elderly.
  • PCI Team - Prevention of Infections. Team leaders: Dr. Subah Subah - Director, Internal Ward B, Mrs. Kuzita Labai - Nursing Epidemiology Inspector. The team deals with formulating an overall program for preventing infections, execution of control operations, monitoring treatments that involve infection risks, instructing hospital personnel on infection prevention.

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