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Ziv Medical Center

  • Ziv medical center is a Government Hospital located in Safed, and affiliated with the Bar-Ilan's faculty of medicine in the Galilee.
  • The hospital serves over 300,000 residents of the Upper Galilee and Golan Heights regions.
  • The Hospital Contains 35 departments and units, including 2 departments of Internal Medicine, Geriatric medicine department, Cardiology department , Pediatrics department , Trauma department, Liver unit Gynecology & Obstetrics department , Orthopaedics department, Oncology Institute and more.
  • The hospital includes Division of Geriatric medicine; the department is directed by Yulia Vaserman, MD. The Department specializes in comprehensive treatment of the elderly suffering from acute illnesses, limited physical activity, bedsores, bed-ridden, cognitive decline, functional problems, eating difficulties, and conduct disorders, psychiatric and social problems.

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