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Galilee Biomedical Research Administration

The Western Galilee Hospital in Nahariya

  • The Western Galilee Hospital is a Government Hospital affiliated with the Bar-Ilan's faculty of medicine in the Galilee.
  • The hospital serves over half a million residents of northwestern Israel
  • The Hospital Contains Division of Internal Medicine (6 internal departments), neurology, nephrology, Intensive Care, and oncology departments., Division of Surgery, Division of Geriatric medicine and rehabilitation, Division of Women's Health, Division of Pediatrics, Division of Ambulatory Medicine, Department of Emergency Medicine, Division of Laboratories , Institute of Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy, Dialysis unit, and more.
  • The hospitals' Division of geriatric medicine and rehabilitation, directed by Dr. Joshua Kamenetz, serves patients over 65 who require special medical care for specific age related conditions.
  • The hospital includes Infectious Diseases and prevention Unit. The unit's team oversees the training of Hospital staff on all topics of infectious diseases.

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