Centre of Excellence for Research on Environment, Health and Aging

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University of Oslo, Norway

The University has contributed to international research through four Nobel prizes and participation in international networks and consortia within a wide range of scientific disciplines. The University's researchers are active participating in the EU's Seventh Framework Programme for research and development, and involvement in developing ERA is important for UiO. There are eight Centres of Excellence (SFF) at the University of Oslo (UiO). In addition UiO hosts a decentralised centre with nodes in Tromsø and Oslo. The University research groups have been given the SFF-title for a period of ten years, and UiO's first three SFFs were established in 2003.

The Centre for Molecular Biology and Neuroscience (CMBN) is a Norwegian Centre of Excellence at the University of Oslo and Rikshospitalet, Oslo University Hospital. CMBN takes on a leading role in elucidating the role of DNA repair and genome maintenance mechanisms in preventing neurological disease and brain ageing. CMBN has its origins in two research communities, one in the field of molecular biology at the University of Oslo/Oslo University Hospital and a corresponding research community in neuroscience, also at the University of Oslo. During the course of the Research Council’s selection process, which resulted in the establishment of the country’s first Centres of Excellence (SFF), the two research communities decided to collaborate. After being awarded SFF status in 2002, the centre began its innovative efforts to build bridges between the fields of molecular biology and neuroscience, between 11 research groups, and not least between basic research and clinical medicine.

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