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Galilee Biomedical Research Administration

Galilee Biomedical Research Administration

A 2008 report on the state of biomedical research in Israel, presented by the Israel Academy of Sciences, found that:

"The medical research in Israel is decentralized, variable in quality and without central governmental body to support and maintain it. A key factor limiting the clinical research in hospital is the lack of mentors and guidance. Another central problem is the lack of collaboration between scientists in the universities and researchers in the hospitals".
"The main aim of a Biomedical Research Authority should be to increase qualitatively and quantitatively the biomedical research in Medical Centers and support those who are involved, in all levels, by resources of stipends and research grants. It is important to create an infrastructure of experts in the fields of planning and conducting of clinical trials, biostatistics, epidemiology, health services and health economics”

The newly established Galilee Biomedical Research Administration (GBRA) intends to:
- Expand and empower biomedical research in Galilee Medical and Research Centers, both qualitatively and quantitatively.
- Offer expert guidance to facilitate professional biomedical research, including support in biostatistics, epidemiology, health economics, intellectual property, and transition to incubators/industry when applicable.
- Provide medical research grants on a competitive basis.
The GBRA was established under the auspices, and with the support of the Israeli Government, the “Ministry of Development of the Negev and the Galilee" and in collaboration with Migal – Galilee Research Institute. The GBRA's budget for its first year of operation is NIS 4 Million.
The GBRA will act as an “umbrella” organization for biomedical research in medical and research centers in the Galilee. It will directly fund medical research grants for these entities via an annual call for research grant proposals. Furthermore, it will facilitate collaborations between pharmaceutical and medical device companies to expand their clinical research activities in medical centers in the Galilee. The GBRA will also sponsor collaborative symposia and workshops to support grant applications and enhance collaboration between physicians and scientists.

The GBRA is expected to significantly impact the economy of, and quality of life in the Galilee. Its activities will generate new, high quality, employment opportunities, improve health care and services (which are currently significantly inferior to those of the center of the country) and help position the Galilee as a viable, dynamic center for medical research.
The GBRA works in close collaboration with the Galilee Medical Centers, promoting its activities and addressing specific needs of each hospital and of specific departments within the hospital. The ability to establish scientific collaborations between researchers in the participating hospitals will be greatly enhanced by gaining knowledge and information on each of the Medical Centers. Following are links to each of the Galilee Medical Centers and contact information:

The Western Galilee Hospital in Nahariya

The Western Galilee Hospital is a Government Hospital affiliated with the Bar-Ilan's faculty of medicine in the Galilee.

Ziv Medical Center

Ziv medical center is a Government Hospital located in Safed, and affiliated with the Bar-Ilan's faculty of medicine in the Galilee.

The BARUCH PADEH Medical Center, Poriya

The BARUCH PADEH Medical center, Poriya is a Government Hospital, affiliated with the Bar-Ilan's faculty of medicine in the Galilee.

Emek Medical Center

The Emek Medical Center, located in Afula, belongs to the Clalit Health Services, and is affiliated with the Technion, Israel institute of Technology.

Mazra Mental Health Center

Mazra Mental Health Center is a Government Hospital affiliated with the Ruth & Bruce Rapaport Faculty of Medicine, Technion, Haifa.

Nazareth Hospitals

Holy Family Hospital Nazareth and The Nazareth Hospital EMMS