Centre of Excellence for Research on Environment, Health and Aging

Secondments Plan

Secondments Plan

To facilitate transfer of knowledge, there is a need to exchange know-how and experience through trans-national two-way secondments of research staff. The secondments will help to transfer practical expertise in specific research areas resulting from developing the R&D activities and new directions at CEREHA, and enhancing research-industry cooperation between more advanced regions and the Galilee. These visits of experts and students will facilitate closer links between the key departments and researchers of the programme, as well as initiate the implementation of pilot projects and new innovative Pilot Actions.

The budget includes travel and subsistence of researchers for a placement of up to 3 months, but we foreseen many short trips of researchers for a month or two (except for workshops and conferences). The short intensive exchanges of expertise will provide enough intensify cooperation on ongoing of future joint research activities between MIGAL and the Partnering Organisations, and will enhance the launch of new research and innovation initiatives. The process to finalise the secondments will run through:

Secondments Plan

MIGAL with the direction and assistance of the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) will identify an appropriate up-to-date timetable, based on the proposed schedule herein, to implement secondments either of experienced researchers from Partnering Organisations to the Galilee or from MIGAL to Partnering Organisations.

The information gathered and requests made shall then be assessed by SAC and individual departments within CEREHA will be paired with the most appropriate partner EU institute (some mentioned in the proposal, but also new ones). The management and SAC will facilitate preliminary introductions and initial exchanges of information.

Secondments Implementation

The EU Partnering Organisation to which the researchers travels will be responsible for organising suitable timing of the secondments and travel and subsistence arrangements. Upon completion of the placement each representative will file a standard Placement Report with the work package leader, which will include an overview and assessment of the placement, details of the research that was done, achievements and any future planned cooperation between the partners and, most importantly, any planned actions as a direct result. Reports on staying by European researchers at MIGAL will be drawn by the MIGAL researchers of the “receiving department” and will be validated by the Partnering Organisation researcher. Reports on the participation in the events with agenda, list of participants and copy of presentation will be done.