Centre of Excellence for Research on Environment, Health and Aging

Expected Results

Expected Results

Management achievements

  • The Kick-Off meeting and all management issues between partners will take place during month 1
  • The high level International Scientific Advisory Committee will be established and active through the life-time of the project. It will be consulted and will lead the "maturation" of the programme and building its skeleton. At least 7 meetings of SAC will take place during the project.

Research achievements

  • 3-5 workshops will take place to define a strategy for the departments.
  • MIGAL's researchers and the EU partners' researchers will examine possible collaborative projects. At least 20 different meetings and collaborative discussions will take place, which will have an objective of generating 5-10 collaborative projects.
  • Over 10 Secondment visits (through the entire 3 years) will take place between CEREHA and the partners' institutions. The duration of secondments is detailed within the work-plan in WP3. Based on the benchmarking activity and the visits of the EU experts, a publication for the proposed "Developing Programme" for CEREHA will be send to all MIGAL's researchers.
  • The up-to-date programme to achieve the plans will be submitted to the Board of Directors and approved. It will examine the needed funds and the sources to be approached (both philanthropic and private).. It will be examined by at least 15 stakeholders from the region and Bar-Ilan University's staff at the Medical School.
  • A programme for CEREHA's R&D upgrading will be approved by the Board and submitted to the relevant governmental agencies and funding foundations.. It will be examined by at least 10 Stakeholders and national experts from outside MIGAL and the region.
  • 5-10 collaborative trans-regional developed projects will be developed as a result of the project with the partners' entities. Over 30% of the above activities will involve women as leaders or in important positions.
  • 1-2 Biotechnological Start-ups (MIGAL's spin-offs) will begin working with the EU.
  • Set up of a trans-regional entity or a cluster of existing companies which has a defined aim of commercialisation of research outputs.

Action Plan achievements

  • Investments: Based on the proposed programme the projects will attract approximately 5 million Euros over the 5 years after project completion (estimated according to some achievements in the past and an optimistic assumption on the ability of the CEREHA's researchers achievements). Governmental and donation support will be over 3 million Euros in infrastructure for the research activities at MIGAL (estimated on the discussions already in advance stage with the Israeli Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Science & Technology).
  • The Action Plan programme will be accepted and implementation started
  • A final Conference will take place in Israel to disseminate the results with over 150 participants, and a Summary Report will be issued and disseminated all over Europe. The proposed title of the conference is: To age or not to age?
  • The International Independent Expert Evaluation report will be adopted.