Centre of Excellence for Research on Environment, Health and Aging

Work Packages

Work Packages

WP1- Management

  • To provide effective management and coordination of the project
  • To establish mechanisms for ensuring the delivery of the project in terms of finance, timescale and actions
  • To ensure the appropriate and timely evaluation of all project activities and delivery of appropriate reports and
  • documentation
  • To ensure that formal quality control procedures are implemented on activities, deliverables and validation of Results.
  • To liaise with the Partnering Organizations and the Commission on the delivery of the project

The project will be managed on a day-to-day basis by MIGAL's staff. Overall coordination is attributed to Prof. Uri Marchaim – a senior researcher with a solid track record in EU funded projects, who will act as the project coordinator, supported by a dedicated Project management team. The project team will utilise project-planning software to ensure that the planned programme of activities are met within the proposed timescale.

WP2 - Acquisition, development, upgrading of research equipment

We seek support for acquisition of a set of instruments that share a common or specific research focus to upgrade CEREHA's research capacity. Plans for such infrastructure upgrade have been formulated on the basis of the SWOT analysis conclusions, according to which such equipment is fundamental to allow MIGAL to step up its research facilities.

Acquisition will concentrate on the following items

  • Upgraded computation capabilities for data analysis
  •  Upgraded animal house
  •  Advanced monitoring equipment

WP3 - Senior Staff Secondments and Exchange of know how

  • To bring to CEREHA excellence through the secondment of researchers from Partnering Organisations and reinforce cooperation links with them
  • To transfer practical expertise in Research Centres and Economic Development for establishing the CEREHA R&D Centre, cluster development and enhancing research-industry cooperation.
  • To facilitate closer links between the key movers and shakers of research and innovation from different European regions
  • To initiate the implementation of pilot actions and new innovation activities

WP4 - Recruiting of incoming researchers

To bring 4 high-level scientists and 3-5 young excellent scientists to upgrade the CEREHA departments Find ways to make connections with scientists and physicians who will see the opportunities to return to the region and join the CEREHA research activity

WP5- Organisation of workshops and conferences

To disseminate the results of the actions undertaken,  including distribution of materials and plans for future developments.

Workshops and one large conference are meant to keep or build momentum around international cooperation in research on themes of relevance to CEREHA. Workshops are meant for a limited audience of 15-50 researchers or other stakeholders (half of which from MIGAL), whereas the conference should constitute the major event during the project implementation, capable of attracting to the Galilee a broader crowd (approximately 100 per conference).

WP6- Relations with industry, innovation and exploitation

Coherently with the whole idea to step up research and innovation capacities at MIGAL, this WP focuses on innovation processes, protection and valorisation of Intellectual Property, management of relations with the industry and technology transfer processes. The idea is to build upon the upgrade of research capacities to turn the newly established CEREHA centre in an innovation and competitiveness engine for the Galilee region.