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CEREHA - Centre of Excellence for Research on Environment, Health and Aging is structured to be an inter and multidisciplinary centre led by MIGAL. This project is the most important research initiative of the Galilee region in Northern Israel. The main objective of CEREHA is to become internationally known research institute, which is capable of initiating and performing excellent interrelated studies in environment, health and aging.

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1 September, 2013
Workshops registration

1) Bio-Medicine 4th conference, 08.10.13
2) An Expert Perspective on Intellectual Property, Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer 13-14.10.13
3) Israeli Society for Oxygen and Free Radicals Research, 1.12.13
4) Social and economic aspects of Aging, 1-2.12.13
18 August, 2013
Newsletter No. 2 August 2013

1. Mr Avishai Levy is the new CEO of MIGAL
2. Efforts for recruitment of new researchers
3. New researchers recruited to the CEREHA Centre
4. Strategic Plan: Renovating MIGAL's Laboratory space
5. Conferences and workshops
6. The Galilee Biomedical Research Administration (GBRA)
7. Secondments with colleagues from the associated universities and industries
8. The recent Hamsa Ceremony held jointly by the EU and ISERD
22 April, 2013
Newsletter No. 1 April 2013 A Newsletter of the Centre of Excellence for Research on Environment, Health and Aging (CEREHA) April 2013